Gozzip makes nice clothes in a high quality and unique style for women with curves . Gozzip is a contemporary brand, driven by the desire of making new plussize collections.

Gozzip has been a part of the fashion scene in 10 years and since the beginning in 2005, the ​popular brand has only gone forward. They soon realised that 6 annual collections was too much, since it wasn´t possible to buy Gozzip in
department stores and they now make 4 annual collections.

Gozzip launched the Näis collection in 2009, since the need for a more relaxed and comfortable style came in demand and the customers welcomed this with open arms. Naïs also delivers 4 annual collections and these styles can also be combined with the classic Gozzip collection.

Gozzip has managed to develop and adjust the brand during the last 10 years and they are very aware to maintain the cooperation with their customers and take responsibility for the placed orders, in a time where a lot of shops are struggling.