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Introducing Gozzip Black

our exclusive capsule collection where cool meets edge. Designed as the perfect complement to our main line, Gozzip Black is an ode to the color that defines sophistication. With this collection, we embrace bolder, rawer designs that bring a striking contrast and an undeniable wow factor to your wardrobe. Discover pieces that are as versatile as they are statement-making, crafted for those who dare to stand out. Experience the allure of Gozzip Black, where every item promises to elevate your look with a touch of daring elegance. Welcome to the darker side of chic.

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GEdita T-Shirt

399,00 DKK

GEleana Skirt

799,00 DKK

GEdita T-Shirt

399,00 DKK
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Gozzip Woman Clara Baggy pants Pants 82 Candy

Welcome to my world.

A world of fine details and good quality.
Both when it comes to my surroundings, fashion and relationship.

I’ve found my way in life.

I like having my family and friends close to me
- they know me, I know them - that makes me happy.
The same goes for my choice of fashion.
I often choose the same brand, soft colours and designs with that
little extra application to finish the look.
A recognizable flattering style in a feminine bohemian look
works for me

With Gozzip I can be myself and wear what I love.

About us

Gozzip is feminine fashion - close to you.

A collection of quality luxury styles with a bohemian touch and lots of details.
All colour coordinated in soft tones to give you endless mix and match possibilities.
We design for curvy woman who want’s to feel and look good without standing out.
Our layer upon layer principle, recognizable styles and fine beautiful print are created to
ensure you a feminine and elegant look.

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