Gozzip is feminine fashion - close to you.

A collection of quality luxury styles with a bohemian touch and lots of details.
All colour coordinated in soft tones to give you endless mix and match possibilities.
We design for curvy woman who want’s to feel and look good without standing out.
Our layer upon layer principle, recognizable styles and fine beautiful print are created to
ensure you a feminine and elegant look.

Gozzip Black is a small add-on collection of cool and edgy styles, often in black, that
compliment the main collection. This allow more raw designs, adds contrast and an extra wow effect to the Gozzip collection.

So whether you're looking for something special for a night out or just want to update
your everyday wardrobe, Gozzip is the perfect place to start your search.

And did we mentioned you also get:
- High quality and perfect loose and relaxed fit
- 6 concept collections every year in size 36 up to 56
- Acceptable prices – average and up
- Represented in retail stores and department stores throughout Scandinavia and
North European countries.
- E-commerce like Otto, Zalando, About you etc.
- Instagram and Facebook activities to build brand awareness.
- Magazine advertising
- 24/7 access to our warehouse B2B shop
- Good service right here, close to you

When you sign up for our B2B. One of our local consultants, will contact you.

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